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Your company's IT experts. We identify where you're wasting time, money and resources and put you on the track toward higher productivity and greater profits. You can rest easy knowing that you're using the perfect combination of IT resources to reach your specific goals. Setup a meeting today and we'll show you how we can save you time, save you money and grow your business .

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Serving Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Reno and beyond


Why Tahoe Tech Group? Because of our people-first philosophy.

The vision is simple: make people’s work-lives better via information technology (IT).

Let’s do IT right and make everyone as productive and happy as possible. All this technology is supposed to make our lives easier and our profits larger, but is it? Our 17 years in business inspires us to show you the way.


How do we do IT?

Follow a proven process to deliver winning results


Evaluate your IT to determine if it’s hurting or helping your objectives.


Deliver our findings on how to save money and increase productivity.


Eliminate wasteful technologies & install those that will serve you best.


Grow with your company to ensure you’re always on top of IT.

What does IT include?

Exactly what you need.

Don’t pay for unnecessary bells and whistles and don’t fall victim to outdated solutions.

The perfect balance to maximize your return.

A Team of Experts On Your Side

We’re going to make your network fly, optimize your servers and speed up your computers, but most importantly, we’re going to help you reach your goals in business. With our team on your side, we’re going to exceed those goals and show you your progress along the way. That’s the Tahoe Tech Group promise.

Fast Response Times

Time is money and each minute, hour or day that your team is down, is costing you. We’re going to eliminate the majority of your issues up front but when you need attention, you can contact us three ways: use the Tahoe Tech Group app on your phone, the customer portal on our website or dial 530-550-0999 and we’ll be right there with you.

Focus on Security

New threats emerge each day. With Tahoe Tech Group you have a team with their finger on the pulse. Protect your business from hackers, ransomware and viruses, 24×7 . We’ll match your needs with the perfect backup and disaster recovery plan to keep your business moving forward, no matter what.

World Class Support

Remote support. Onsite support. Progress and planning meetings. Executive reporting. Proactive maintenance. 24/7/365 monitoring. Stir IT all together and you have a recipe for success.

Vendor Management

Not sure if you’re getting your money’s worth on your Internet connection? Sick of waiting on hold just to reach a low level support agent that can’t help you in the first place? We’ll take care of all of that so you can get back to work on the things that matter most.

Money Back Guarantee

We’d love the opportunity to work as your IT partner of choice and as such are happy to offer you a 30-day guarantee – if you are not happy with our service after the first month, just let us know and we’ll refund your money!

Tahoe Tech Group Certified Partners

Hit play on growing your company while the rest of the world is hitting pause.

We’ll email, we’ll talk, we’ll video conference. We know times are tough and you feel nervous. Let’s take action. We’re going to save you money and help you thrive. Start now and we’ll do it all at a hefty discount from our standard rates. Remember, people-first.

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